Abjective is a musical project which was created by Vadim Pantin in 2009. Project was conceived and exists as idm-project, though now musical interests have grown up to avant-garde and neo-classics.
The music is based on completely different concepts and approaches to sound recording. The idea of the project is to play electronic mantras on live instruments.

Vadim is a multi-instrumentalist, who able to extract sounds from a variety of instruments from keyboards, strings and modular synths, and also from improvised subjects like a screwdriver or a children’s ball. The ability to feel and catch a melody of life allows to Abjective to work in a difference styles: ambient, techno, idm, modern classic and experimental avant-garde.

The musician has released eight full-length albums, two of them on vinyl and CD, also two EPs, several compilations and soundtracks for short films.

Labels: Detroit Underground (USA), Eonian-Autumn (UK), Sociopath-Recordings (USA), Acre Records (UK), Touched (UK), Subliminal (SL), tonAtom (GE), Tympanik Audio (USA), Kahvi Collective (UK), Nenormalizm Records (RU), Unline (RU).

Musicians with whom Abjective collaborated: Richard Devine, Nills Frahm, Weldroid, Bibio, Ochre, Larsp, EyeScream, Xenoton, Notabird, iThinkSo, Fizzarum, 23:59, Unlogic Thing, Medkit, Зимавсегда, Маша и Медведи and others.

Abjective is a rare example of a quality electronic music that it necessary be able to listen avidly and attentively. In different musical styles of Abjective there converge the sensitivity, trembling and the lightness of being, but also on the other side there are an overcome, hysteria, broken spirit and destruction. In every note feelings multiplies by thoughts. In each sound there are questions, doubts, ways, ups and downs, faith and dreams – life is in each sound. Abjective’ music is like a talks about eternity.