On this page records are represented from upcoming album Diamagnetic Levitation. The material for the album was recorded during the last 3 years. Musical concept underlying the basis of this release is a levitation of consciousness, which is really possible to achieve with careful listening to this material.

In the record involved a large number of different software and hardware including modular synthesizer Buchla 200e, through which managed to get many sounds. Also were using live instruments, Korg MS-20, a few selfmade plugins created with Max / Msp 5.

This is the most conceptual and the most thoughtful Abjective’s album. Material recorded for this album could surprise the listener and expand the boundaries of his musical perception.
To some extent this is a modular release built incidentally constructed sound spectrogram randomly, but the main place in this chaos is given to the melody.

(Special thanks: Joseph Fraioli)

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Abjective — Angular Minute

Abjective — Bionic Control Module

Abjective — The Mistral

Abjective — Pushing Chaos

Abjective — Diamagnetic Levitation

Abjective — Synthetic Nucleon

Abjective — Swampland

Abjective — Ocean Mantra

Abjective — Immersion

Abjective — Medulla (bonus)

And a little more sounds with the forthcoming release of yet another... 
Abjective - Of Self Discovery (feat. Domainmeta)
Thank you for your time
Best Regards, Vadim