Vadim Pantin is the founder of several musical projects (Abjective, Amachi, DomainMeta, Sejectiøn), the sound-designer, the producer, the curator of the media-art festivals and the co-owner of the British label Eonian Autumn Records. His musical interests extend to a wide variety of genres from neoclassic ism to experimental media-art. Between there are releases in the styles of idm, ambient, instrumental avant-guarde and techno. Since the founding of the project Abjective has released more than a dozen records and sounded at a variety of parties, fests and broadcasts of radiostations. Abjective’s music is always on the verge of art and philosophy.

Saint Petersburg / Russia
Labels: Detroit Underground, Sociopath-Recordings, Acre Records, Touched, Subliminal, tonAtom, Kahvi Collective, Nenormalizm Records, Simphonic Silence Inside, Unline.


For now arsenal of tools expanded to Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, Pro tools, Ableton live. Vadim Pantin plays a few musical instruments, uses unique devices what were made by his friend special for and sings on texts written by his wife.

Studio was founded to bring innovative music and sound design into movies and all types of media.

ModSynth patch using:

Serge VCS, Analog Neuron, Buchla @08 Random, Buchla 200-e, Jerk Chaos, MFOS VCO, Serge Negative Slew, NLC VCA, Polivoks VCF, Clock Divider, NLC Difference Rectifier, Morphlag, E4M Xmix, Arduino Synth